Can I see your hall pass?

Ranking the top teachers’ passes

Riley Murphy, Editor in Chief

We’ve all been there… in the hallway, nothing but a boring little pink pass to save us from the wrath of an administrator’s scathing diatribe.

Gunnison High School (GHS) has some issues when it comes to hall passes and the concept of carrying one around in order to get out of class. While many students feel that hall passes are childish and should not be required, some teachers are making the best of things by getting creative with their passes.

While some teachers just have a simple laminated pass, there are definitely some hall passes that stand out within halls of GHS. There are a several teachers that deserve the number one spot for the best hall passes, but after receiving student feedback, The Giddyup has ranked the best of the best, from 1 to 5.

The number five spot goes to…

(drumroll please)

5. Mr. Rush’s wood blocks

These wood burned blocks have just a little more spice compared to a boring red laminated tag. He has two to provide for two separate students to go to the bathroom at one time. Just be careful not to get caught TikTok-ing when you escape to the can with your friend!












4. Mrs. Martin’s wood blocks

Martin’s wood burned blocks are slightly ranked above Mr. Rush’s, because the letters seem to have more of a bold appearance. She also has two passes, but hers are designated for boys and girls.












3. Mr. Phipps’ Tiny Wooden Blocks

Phipps’s hall pass is not just a singular hall pass. Phippsy got creative and invented a “hall pass tree,” as he likes to call it. The true creativity shines though and it provides a more enjoyable experience when a student grabs a hall pass.












2. Mr. Howard’s paddle

Howard’s paddle deserves this runner up spot because of the creativity and humor involved with it. All though we may never know why he actually has a paddle… we can still appreciate the cool design. Anybody seen that one kid from the 1990s that left his class without asking?












And the best hall pass in GHS goes to…

(drumroll please)

1. Ms. O’Dubhaigh’s Barbie dolls

Ms. O’s barbies come in first because of the plethora of choices. We also believe she stepped out of the box with her hall passes because who would think to use male and female barbies as hall passes?!? These passes will keep you company during even the longest breaks from the classroom.