What’s for dinner?

Theron Yoder’s Top 5 places to grub

Theron Yoder, Sports Editor

Restaurants in Gunnison are known to have good quality food and surpass many newcomers’ expectations. However, some are known by locals to be the best.

Many restaurants have an argument to make the top 5, every place has their own unique menus and styles. In my opinion, there are three categories that are considered in ranking each restaurant: taste, quality, and consistency.

Top places also have a menu that satisfies all and is very diverse.

My personal top 5 is as follows: 5 B’s, Blackstock Bistro, Anejo Bistro and Bar, Garlic Mikes, and Firebrand.

No. 1

At the number one spot I put 5 B’s, which is a pretty old restaurant compared to others on this list. Despite its age, its menu is featured with iconic meals such as the Mesa Melt, the Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and the wings, which are out of this world! No matter what you get there, you will never be disappointed by the powerful flavors and the on-site smoked beef brisket.

No. 2

The next restaurant on the list is Blackstock Bistro. The Bistro is an extremely new place in town, with it being founded in 2014. This restaurant features a modern menu with unmatched Garlic Fries, great burgers accompanied with 10 dollar burger night, which is an amazing deal. It is one of the most expensive places in town but it makes up for it with phenomenal taste and a good meal every time, no matter what you get.

No. 3

The third spot belongs to Garlic Mikes, which is the only restaurant on this list that is located out of town. This italian restaurant always has a carefully prepared meal accompanied by superior bread and appetizers. Incredibly large party potential of the outside seating, and the beautiful Gunnison River located right out back adds a local element to the restaurant. The elegance of the eatery and the consistency of incredible dishes give this restaurant an edge on the 4th spot.

No. 4

The number 4 position belongs to Anejo’s, which is the first and only mexican restaurant on the list. It is featured with an impressive array of local recipes that exceed flavor expectations. Their perfectly cooked wings, juicy steak adobado tacos, and out of this world burritos are only some of the amazing dishes featured on the menu. The beautifully designed bar and dining room, along with the small sitting capacity, give a great eating experience.

No. 5

The last restaurant that makes it into the top 5 list is Firebrand, located on Main Street. This restaurant is the oldest on the list and shows it well with precisely crafted recipes that are loved by every customer. The sandwiches, breakfast, and lunch are the best in town. However, it had to cut down on it’s menu selection due to the Covid pandemic, which is unfortunate because they used to have spectacular waffles and a much wider selection of dishes. 


Overall, I think that all these restaurants have an argument to be the top spot, as all of them have their own unique specialties. Gunnison is a very good town to eat in, even the other restaurants in the town are delicious. No matter where you go, you will be welcomed with hospitality. 

This list is my own opinion and others may have other ideas, this is why I asked my peers for their top 5 lists for comparison.

One of the students that I asked was junior Wyatt Howery. His top 5 was originally Gunnisack — which was the top spot due to the kids eat free day on Tuesday — followed by Back Country Cafe, Old Miner, Mario’s, and Anejo’s. His opinion proves that many restaurants in Gunnison are considered elite, and have their own quirks.

At the end of the day, opinions are just opinions, and you have to try them all to get a good sense of what you personally like best.