Spiderman: To Watch or Not to Watch?

New Marvel movie earns rave reviews from GHS students and staff

Wyatt Howery, Staff Writer

Did you know that in “Spider-Man No Way Home,” Peter Parker dies?

No, not actually, but continue reading and I will explain whether I do or don’t recommend this movie. But here’s your warning: there are many spoilers ahead!

While the new Spider-Man does have it’s obvious flaws and weak points, I would recommend this movie no matter what. The movie has an exceptional plot, great acting, and perfectly ties into other marvel movies, making for a perfect balance.

Gunnison English teacher, Mrs. Benson, agrees.  Throughout the movie she was pleasantly surprised with the plot and storyline compared to other Spider-Man movies she wasn’t a super-fan of before. 

Coming into the movie, I had high expectations and was very excited to see how Peter was going to deal with his identity being revealed and the world turning against him, under the impression he was a villain.

Ben Lapello had similar thoughts, stating that he came into the movie with high expectations.

“I had an open mind, not watching any trailers or looking at any reviews before seeing the movie,” said Lapello. 

Around the middle of the movie, I was fully engaged. As soon as Tom Holland got help from Doctor Strange to rewrite history, I was hooked. This is where Spencer Barnes also started to love it.

“My favorite part of the movie was where they incorporated the old villains and old Spider-Mans into a new generation,” said Barnes.

Personally, my favorite part of the movie was when all three of the Spiderman characters came together as a team to defeat the villains. Skylor Wild agreed,  adding he enjoyed that Ned had gained the power of Astral Projection.

Nearing the end of the movie, Lapello and Benson had emotional ties to the plot-point when Aunt May died and Tom’s friends forgot him. For Lapello, this was one of the best parts of the entire film.

“Even though it was the saddest part of the movie when Aunt May dies, it was the best,” said Lapello. “Showing Tom Holland’s excellent acting skills and ability to show emotional value was awesome.”

I agree with Lapello about the great emotional ties in the movie and also think that the movie had an amazing amount of characters and great plot. The movie also consisted of great acting from people like Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire, who have not been in a Spiderman role for a number of years.

Overall, the movie was a top 10 movie of the past three years. Mrs. Benson agrees, calling it one of her top 5 movies of the past three years.