Seniors’ Last Ride

Gunnison High School seniors celebrate final athletic season.

Adrianna Rodriguez , Photo Editor

Passions come in different forms. For many of this year’s seniors at Gunnison High School (GHS), those passions came in the form of stepping onto a field or court to play a sport in the 2021-2022 fall season. 

A majority of these seniors have played fall sports for the past four years at GHS. They have achieved and accomplished many of their goals that will soon be carried on by the athletes below them. As they mark their legacies and move to the next chapter of their lives, the Giddyup caught up with a few of these seniors to talk about their experiences involving fall sports throughout their careers at GHS, and here are their responses:


Question: What is a memory that you’ll take with you from your experience playing/participating in (sport)? 





Theron(Golf): “I liked the hotels and making memories of hanging out with the boys and having fun playing especially when I played well”.  







Sam Buchanan (Football): “The memory I’ll always remember is the off-season. Of course everyone loves playing in the games, but I will always take with me the hard work in the off-season”. 






Elli Fisher (Mountain Biking): “I love camping with the team and creating bonds”. 







Do you think your legacy will carry on for years to come and what are your hopes for your team in the future?.


Theron:  “I hope the younger generations can accomplish the same success all the other seniors had and have the opportunity to go to state”. 

Theron was part of the Gunnison High Schools golf team which he participated his junior and senior years. Other seniors that participated in golf were Connor Zummach, Skylor Wild, and Daniel Mikkelsen. 


Sam: “My legacy and the seniors legacy will carry on because of how we were a part of turning this program around. We saw the bad times and in the end, we saw the good times. I just hope they continue in the right direction”.

Sam was part of the football team here at Gunnison High School, he was injured halfway through the season but still held strong throughout the rest of the season and supported his team. Other seniors that participated in football the fall season 2021-2022 were Jose Sanchez, Kaleb Vincent, Kadin Archuleta, Tate Hicks, and Devin Gomez. 


Elli: “I hope that the impression I made as team captain will show other mountain bikers how the energy of the team can change the whole season and that your outlook can really make your experience a lot better”. 

Elli was part of the Mountain Biking team throughout her high school years here at Gunnison High School. Elli was the only senior who participated in Mountain Biking this fall. 

Other seniors that were involved throughout the fall season of 2021-2022 were:

Volleyball: Danica Froehlich, Lily Robinson, Erin Crow, Zoe Koch, Caroline Thompson; Softball: Tahlayn Fee, Melita Ferchau, Arianna Hernandez, Emma Bjornstad; Cross Country: Jackson Baker, Marshall Mangum, Skye Bleakley, Josh Brockschmidt, Colton Powers, Ester Matias, Emeline Rollins, and Anna Cattles; Soccer: Carlos Aguilar, Aidan Burke, Luis de la Cruz, Kevin Meza, Bogdan Maples.