Faculty Celebrity Crushes

Danica Froehlich, Features Editor

In pursuit of finding faculty celebrity crushes, news editor Erin Crow and features editor Danica Froehlich searched the school and asked members of Gunnison High School’s staff. Staff met the question of, “Who is your celebrity crush?” with warm welcome and excitement when asked. Without further a due, here are the hilarious, terrifying, and wholesome celerity crushes of the GHS.

The sports coaches Matt Smith and Tom Percival throw a curveball by not only both liking flannels but also the Mila Kunis.



Bob Howard fancies himself a country woman.


Mrs. Wilkinson

Jack Black


Mr. Phipps

Jennifer Aniston


Coach DiLorenzo

Matthew McConaughey


Hr. High



Mrs. Fuller

Chris Hemsworth



Mr. Rush                          Mr. Kattnig                      Mrs. Vokoun                      Mrs. Mickelson

Karen Gillan                    Julia Roberts                   Will Ferrell                         Leonardo DiCaprio


Mr. Woytek                     Mr. Mickelson                Mr. Aguilar                          Mrs. Kattnig

Clint Eastwood               Blake Lively                    Ariana Grande                     Robert Redford