Poof to Puffs

Gunnison High School (GHS) drama club will be performing their play “Puffs” on November 5-6 and 11-13, 2021, in the GHS Auditorium. “Puffs” is a Harry Potter spin-off, showcasing Harry’s life from the perspective of a Hufflepuff.
Sophomore Jonathan Robinson plays Oliver Rivers, one of the main characters in the play. According to Robinson, the drama club’s excellent chemistry is what makes the play so enjoyable.
“ I love the camaraderie and the family aspect of the drama program,” said Robinson. “You should expect to have a great time at the play this year.”
GHS drama has put many hours of hard work into this play. Teachers are also getting into the action, as art teacher Erin Vokoun has helped the drama cast by putting in many hours to create high quality props.
Senior Grace Schulte was appointed drama club president this year and will be acting as Wayna, Headmaster, the teachers, Bibby, and Frenchy in the play. Schulte has put in countless hours of work to make this year’s play not only entertaining, but also fun and interactive for the crowd.
Schulte’s favorite part about being in the drama club is the family aspect of the group.
“I would definitely have to say (my favorite thing is) the family aspect,” said Schulte. “We all have to fight for eachother, everyone is super super supportive. It’s easily one of the best families or teams I’ve been a part of.”
For her final year here at GHS, you might say Schulte is going out with a “poof” in the new drama play “Puffs.”
GHS drama has put a lot of hard work into the play this year. They’re very excited to show the audience what they have in store. Make sure to get your butter beer and chocolate frogs ready for “Puffs” coming to you this November.
The ticket cost $5 a piece.