GHS Students Take Education By the Horns

Danica Froehlich, Features Editor

The benefits of a close-knit community come in several shapes and forms, in the case of ambitious students at GHS, the benefits present themselves as opportunities. The university based out of Gunnison, Western Colorado University (WCU), works hand and hand with our high school students to ensure the best possible education.
Many upperclassmen opt to take a course at the University campus, which presents contingencies of its own. Getting gen ed courses done while still in high school allows students to get ahead, and save money. Taking classes at Western is otherwise free, excluding materials, and has helped students save thousands of dollars in school fees. Iris Houck, a current senior at GHS, has decided to take courses at WCU, and says that not only has she learned more as an accelerated student but,
“Being able to be a concurrent enrollment student has helped me learn more about college and the major I want to declare”.
For those who aren’t quite ready to venture into collegiate classes yet, there are more opportunities right here at GHS. Bob Howard, a social studies teacher, has turned his traditional AP US History class into a hybrid college course. Taught in his classroom, students are given the opportunity to gain a college credit within the walls of Gunnison High.
“The difference between my class and a class at Western is location first and foremost.” Said Mr. Howard. “It’s convenient for students but also creates a comfortable atmosphere because it feels like just another AP high school class while the curriculum stays at college level.” When asked about his experience in the class, Theron Yoder states that,
“It was a fun course to take, I learned a lot, and gained a guaranteed transfer credit going into college”.
For younger students, the opportunity to take personal education to the next level is waiting and readily available. Any questions posed can be answered by the counselors office or upperclassmen currently enrolled in classes at Western.