Athlete Spotlight


Q1: What’s your favorite energy drink?

Q2: What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

Q3: Who has been your favorite team you’ve played this year?


Jose Sanchez:
1. Red Bull
2. Twisting ankle on a crack
3. Cedaredge




Royce Uhrig:
1. Red bull
2. Fell off the bed and hurt my arm
3. Olathe “because we smoked them” Royce stated.



Q1: What’s your favorite inside joke with your team?

Q2: If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?

Q3: What is your biggest accomplishment this season?


Zoe Koch:
1. “Stay nutty.”
2. Thanksgiving dinner and apple pie.
3. “Scoring an 11 point run on senior night and never gave up, no matter how much we were down” Zoe stated.


Lily Wild:
1. “Berries and Cream”
2. Pasta noodles
3. Playing with an injury #swag




Q1: What’s your favorite music genre?

Q2: What is one of your family traditions?

Q3: What’s your personal goal for this season and have you accomplished it?


Carlos Aguilar:
1. Rap/Pop
2. We celebrate Semana Santa.
3. “A goal for the beginning of the season was to get better as a team, along with improving. I think we have accomplished that goal this year as a team.”



Wyatt Howery:

1. Hip Hop
2. Making Christmas cookies and decorating the house.
3. Have fun and improve our skills by focusing on the game.